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Kutsie Baby Mommy & Me Clothing Collection

Kutsie Baby Mommy & Me Clothing Collection

We are so excited to announce our very own Kutsie Baby clothing collection!  Our clothing collection will include onesies and baby tees, tanks and tees for women, and mommy & me sets!  We will be adding new styles weekly so visit us frequently to view our newest items.  

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Mommy & Me: But First Coffee Tank & But First Milk Onesie


 2. Started From The Belly Now I'm Here Onesie - Hot Pink


3. Mermaid Hair Don't Care Onesie - Black


4. Work Hard, Gym Hard, Mom Hard Tank - White

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Best Baby Shower Gift of 2015: Nursing & Teething Necklaces!


Gorgeous Nursing Necklaces

Baby shower gifts are fun!

Cute, little, pretty, soft. All reasons to OOH and AHH over adorable baby stuff. It’s so fun to shop for a baby shower but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many gadgets and gizmos a new mom needs and wants.

How do you know what a new mom needs?

You of course can shop her registry, but even the most thorough registry is missing items that a new mom would love. So how do you know what to get? I have a suggestion for you.

A new mom needs support

And not just from a new bra (which btw, she does need). She needs support from friends and family to help her with the giant and oh-so-important task of breastfeeding her new baby.

Breastfeeding is tough

It can be painful, isolating and doesn’t always happen easily. And to make matters worse, no one likes to talk about it. So how do you help? You can give her a gift to relieve some of the discomforts of breastfeeding.

Get her a nursing necklace!

Let’s face it, nipple cream and breast pads are not too fun. Necessary, yes, but no one OOHS and AHHS over them at a baby shower. Get your friend a gift she will love to open. A nursing necklace is pretty, useful and is a way to show her you’ll be there if she needs some extra support during the tough breastfeeding times.

Oh Purple Panda Nursing Necklaces

What is a nursing necklace?

It’s a soft and safe fabric necklace that mom wears when she’s breastfeeding. It alleviates hair pulling, face scratching and de-latching caused by a distracted baby. Simply put, it helps make breastfeeding more comfortable and more successful.

And, guess what, Kutsie Baby is now offering a specialty line of nursing necklaces from Oh Purple Panda! Click here to shop all the gorgeous fabric options available. They really do make a fabulous baby shower gift, and if you don’t have one for yourself yet, make sure to order two!

Adorable Nursing NecklacesWatercolor Breastfeeding Necklace

Guest blog post by Grace Druecke, Founder of Oh Purple Panda, a company dedicated to making fabric nursing necklaces. Follow her blog here Fabric Nursing Necklaces for other helpful tips.
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How To Get Back In Shape After Having A Baby!

I know it can be scary in your third trimester wondering how in the world am I going to lose all of this "baby" weight?!  Don't stress! There are many ways and I'll tell you how I did it!   I gained about 30lbs throughout my pregnancy.  A week after giving birth to my son, I lost about 15lbs!  I nursed my son for 10 months.  Nursing also helps you lose weight faster. 

When my son was about 9 months, I had 5 lbs to go to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I hadn't been working out, but I was eating healthily.  I love to juice!  Make sure you use lots of veggies when juicing though, too many fruits and you will defeat the purpose. 

Here is a great recipe: 1 bunch of parsley, 2 granny smith apples, 1/2 lemon, 1/4 cucumber, 2 handfuls of spinach

After drinking this, you'll be ready to take over the world! :) I limited my sugar and caffeine intake primarily because I was nursing and didn't want a night-owl (even though I ended up with one anyway, but that's another story!) 

Once I had 5lbs to go I went to a local boot-camp style gym.  They combine Crossfit workouts with cardio.  Within 5 weeks I was in the best shape of my life!

Here is a breakdown!

  • A lot of the weight will come off right after you give birth
  • Breastfeed - this helps you lose weight faster!
  • Breastfeeding encourages healthy eating! Eat lots of fruits, veggies, lean meat, and drink lots of water!  Try our juicing recipe!
  • Go on daily walks when you return home from the hospital (with your doctor's "okay").  You can also try these mom and baby exercises: 
  1. Baby Squat:  Hold your baby close to your chest and do a squat.  Here you can learn How to Squat properly.
  2. Baby Push-ups:  Place your baby underneath you eye to eye.  Now you can interact with your baby and get fit! She will absolutely love seeing mommy go up and down!
  3. Baby Lunge:  Hold your baby close to your chest (or in a baby carrier) and do a lunges, alternating legs each time.
  4. Baby Russian Twists: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and heel about a foot from your bottom.  Lean back and keep your spine straight.  Holding yourself at a 45 degree angle hold your baby and gently twist from side to side.
  • Make sure you are getting your rest!
  • If you are working out and not seeing any results, try a boot-camp or engage in different activities.  Your body will get used to the same ol' routine. We joined Hard Exercise Works.
  • Don't stress, make small goals. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you have plenty of time to lose the weight.  Follow these steps and you'll be back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time!
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We've teamed up with Destination Maternity! Mom-to-be and Baby Must Have List of 2014!

We are so excited to announce we have teamed up with Destination Maternity! We will keep you up to date on all of the latest sales and maternity trends! 

Here are a few of our favorite things for baby and mom for 2014-2015:

    Mom-to-be MUST HAVE: The Snoogle!!  HINT: when you start to toss and turn at night, it is time for a Snoogle! The Snoogle is designed to keep moms-to-be comfortable and rested!
      Lasinoh Disposable Nursing Pads:  We love these! They stick to the inside of your bra and don't move around (or make noise!) like some other brands.  They also keep mom nice and dry.
            Aden + Anais Receiving Blankets:  Soft, modern, and adorable!
                Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover: Full coverage, adorable prints!
                Sophie The Giraffe: Every baby must have this amazing ALL NATURAL teether! 
                Wubbanub Ella Bella Pink Elephant Pacifier
                3/4 Sleeve Ruched Maternity Dress: Perfect for staying comfortable at work!
                  Basic Long Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt: Grab a few basic long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, and tank tops!
                  Date night dress: Don't forget to enjoy your nights out before baby comes!

                  7 For All Mankind Secret Belly Fit Jeans - Boot Cut: We can't say enough about these jeans! They will last your entire pregnancy and are extremely comfortable! Definitely an investment piece!

                  Fold Over Maternity Skirt:  Sometimes you just don't want to deal with pants and these are ADORABLE!


                  3 Piece Nursing Pajama Set: Comfort is key when nursing! 


                  Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag: Adorable, functional, mom-approved!



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                  Refresh a Baby - Baby Bottle Nipple Adapter for Water Bottles!

                  We are so impressed with the Refresh a Baby: baby bottle nipple adapter for water bottles!  This is a must have product for any mom "on-the-go" (and let's face it, this means EVERY mom).  Personally, I have been out and about and realized I forgot to pack a bottle/sippy cup.  The Refresh a Baby baby bottle adapter was a life saver!   I have two in my diaper bag.  One in plain sight and one hidden away for extreme emergencies (this goes for pacifiers too! haha). 

                  The Refresh a Baby baby bottle nipple adapter fits the following water bottles:

                  Aquafina, Evian (regular & sports cap), Publix (small and large bottles), Spring, Volvic, Fiji, Dannon, Dasani, Zephyrhills (all) , Poland Springs, Crystal, Nestle, Poland Springs, Sam’s Choice, Aqua Panna, Smart Water, Break Escapes, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Ice mountain, Ozarka, Mountclair, Vittel, Smart Water, Contrax, Biota, Volvic, Naya, SPA, Kentwood Springs, Crystal Geyser, Crystal, Springtime, many juice bottles, Enfamil “Ready to Use” Baby and Infant Formula Bottles, Similac “Ready To Feed” Infant Formula Bottles, and many more!

                  This new and innovative baby product of 2014 makes for a great baby shower gift!  You'll be sure to impress your favorite expecting mother with this gift!  Refresh a Baby comes in lots of colors too! Choose from: Purple, Yellow, Blue & Lime.



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                  Have you heard of ella + mila nail polish?!

                  We are obsessed with ella + mila nail polish!  It is everything that Kutsie Baby is about, each set includes a gift for baby and mom! Ella + mila nail polish was invented by twin sisters who love to paint their nails with their mom.  The BEST part of ella + mila nail polish is that it is 100% vegan and "5-free" (NO Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor)!  Now you can paint those twinkle toes worry free with ella + mila nail polish!

                  Here are a few of our faves!


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                  Graco Car Seat RECALL 2014! Please Check to see if your car seat is on the list!

                  Graco has announced a recall on over 3.7 million car seats.  Please visit this link to see if your car seat is on the list: Graco Car Seat Recall
                  Graco identified that food and dried liquids that can make some harness buckles progressively more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. Therefore, Graco has decided to conduct a voluntary recall on the harness buckles used on all toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats manufactured from 2009 to July 2013. Graco would like to stress this does not in any way affect the performance of the car seat or the effectiveness of the buckle to restrain the child. And a car seat is always the safest way to transport your child.

                  Models Affected: Toddler Convertible Car Seats: Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride 70, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, Size4Me 70, My Size 70, Head Wise 70, Smart Seat. Harnessed Booster Seats: Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Elite and Argos.

                  Solution: Graco offers a new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected consumers at no cost. If you are experiencing difficulty with your harness buckle and cleaning has not improved its performance, please contact our Graco customer service team at 800-345-4109 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.) or consumerservices@gracobaby.com


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                  Best Hooded Baby Towels & Hooded Baby Robes of 2014

                  We have the most ADORABLE selection of hooded baby towels and robes!  From the thickest, safest, largest baby towel (Cuddlecloth) to lobster towels & flower robes to dinosaur robes, there is something for everyone! Most of these towels and robes can also be personalized making these items perfect baby shower gifts!  Everyone will be asking you where you found them! 

                  A few of our favorites:

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                  Bright, Modern, Nursery Room Canvas Art Print Sets Have Arrived!

                  Looking for bold, bright, and modern baby room wall art?  We have lots of canvas print sets to choose from! Modern Littles creates the most adorable modern wall art for baby and kids rooms!  Modern Littles understands the needs of today’s mother on the run.  There is no need to shop from one store to the next, desperately trying to match this and that, while not fully satisfied on the design in the first place.  Modern Littles has become a one stop shop for the modern mother and modern family. 

                  Modern Littles was born to create a wonderful world for your newborn child.  We want to welcome your baby into their own nursery with the latest in modern design.  Modern Littles is a really fun, modern line of mix & match canvas prints, storage bins, and laundry baskets.

                  Modern Littles has designed six stunning collections that range from sweet baby boy blues to soft pastels.  From the moment your newborn opens their eyes till they become a daring yet fun teenager, were sure you'll find the collection that will suit you and your child.

                  Here are a few of our favorite Modern Littles designs!


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                  8 Tips to Help You Prepare BEFORE You Become Pregnant!

                  “Lets have a baby!”

                  Easy enough for the men to say! It gets a little tricky for us women though. If getting pregnant is something you are planning to plan with your man, then there are certain steps to take, starting after the phrase “Lets have a baby!”

                  1. Are you on birth control? Doctors recommend you are off birth control, and have a few cycles before you start the baby making. Give your body time to figure out what to do now that you are off the pill, and once you have one cycle, you can start tracking it to make sure you are ovulating regularly. A little tip to help you figure out when you are ovulating is to subtract 14 from the length of your cycle. (Example: Cycle is 28 days long, minus 14, means you ovulate around the 14th day of your cycle). Of course, make sure you are still using protection until you’re ready. Even though you just got off the pill, it does not mean that you cannot get pregnant right away.
                  2. Replace your birth control with prenatal vitamins. It is best to start taking the prenatal vitamins before you conceive to give you a healthier pregnancy. Also, The Centers for Disease Control believe if you take 400mcg of Folic Acid per day for no less than a month before you start trying, your chances of have a baby with neural-tube defects will decrease by 50-70 percent.
                  3. Stop the partying. You shouldn’t be smoking, drinking, or doing drugs while pregnant. It only makes sense to stop doing any of that before you plan to get pregnant. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking can decrease your chances of getting pregnant, and if you do get pregnant, they can increase your chances of miscarrying, or having a baby with birth defects.
                  4. Make an appointment with your OB/GYN. Sometimes it's nice to get the “all clear” before hand, just to make sure there will be no road blocks in actually getting pregnant.
                  5. Weigh yourself. When you find out you are pregnant, your doctor will want to know your pre-pregnancy weight to help them keep track of how much you’ve gained during pregnancy, and how much you should be gaining.
                  6. Start eating right, and continue being active. Eating healthy and being active increases your chances of having a healthier pregnancy. Avoid more than a cup caffeine a day, limit your intake of fish per week to 2 servings and avoid fish that are high in mercury.
                  7. Sit down with your husband to start planning what happens next. Start budgeting, you’ll have to save for baby gear, and maternity clothes, also paying for your medical bills. How long will you take off of work after the baby is born? Will you send your baby to daycare after 6 weeks? All of these questions are good to start thinking about before trying to conceive.
                  8. Once you and your husband are ready, then you know it's time! Relax and have some fun! You can get pregnant right away, or it may take a few tries, but that is okay! No stress! Getting pregnant and being pregnant should be an exciting time for you and your spouse! Good luck! Get ready for the start of a new and exciting life! 
                  Visit Blissful Belly Blog for more great tips and stories!
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                  Blissful Belly Blog Giveaway!!

                  We are so excited about our latest giveaway! Blissful Belly Blog is our favorite baby and maternity blog! Click on the image below to enter to win a $25 Kutsie Baby Gift Card!

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                  Looking for a unique, helpful, one of a kind baby shower gift?

                  Kutsie Baby offers new and unique baby shower gifts!  Check out our custom children's artwork, adorable baby gift sets including: booties, bloomers, socks & blankets, new must have baby products including Babee Covee (6 in 1 luxurious baby blanket), Refresh-a-Baby (water bottle adapter) , Cuddlecloth (thickets, safest, largest baby towel), The Diaper Clutch (perfect for moms on the go) , & Bobee (wall mounted diaper and wipes dispenser)

                  Here at Kutsie Baby we are continually on the look out for the most innovative and exciting new baby and mom products on the market so that we can improve the every day hustle and bustle life of being a caretaker!  Our baby shower gifts are sure to be the talk of the party!  We are proud of the fact that most of our items are mom invented and truly helpful parenting products!

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