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Lady Bug & Flower Baby Shower Ideas!

A Lady Bug & Flower themed baby shower is perfect for the spring and summer months!  Here are some cute ideas:) 

These Favors were just darling! Gorgeous Flower Lip Gloss in a cute favor bag! 

The DCI lip gloss was purchased at CVS it can also be purchased on Amazon.com for as low as $2.70 (when I looked!)

Colorful Pals and Fake Flowers with Butterfly Embellishments made great table centerpieces and decor.

The Pals were purchased at the dollar store, flowers, butterflies, & moss at a local craft store!

The Red Watering Cans were purchased at the dollar store and black dots were drawn on for a touch of lady bug cuteness!

The Baby Carriage Watermelon is super simple! Buy a watermelon and your favorite fruits and cut away! (Use a sharpie then follow the line with a knife)  A melon is best for the head and orange slices for the wheels!:)

Adorable bright colored Food Covers (3pk) can be purchased on partyamerica.com for 5.99! I believe the floral food covers were purchased at CVS

The "Lady Bug" Crackers were made with one cherry tomato cut in half (vertical) for the body, one black olive for the head on top of mozzarella cheese on top of a plain cracker and the colorful flower plate was embellished with basil leaves!

These Lady Bug Cake Pops were a hit! Covered in red frosting and decorated with black and white frosting! Easy peasy!

The Lady Bug Stuffed Animal was purchased at Costco for $10.99!

Lady Bug Rocks! Great project for the entire family!:) Paint your rocks red and sharpie in the head and body.  Crazy glue some silly eyes and stick a magnet on the back!  This is great for decorations, table weight, and a favor!

Lady Bug Diaper Cake - What's a baby shower without a silly diaper cake!  (Here are some brief instructions!)

  • Roll diapers (size one for bottom and newborn for top)
  • Put a small rubber band around each diaper, then a big rubber band around all of the diapers for each level to keep them together
  • Place something in the middle to keep them in place, for example: baby powder, baby shampoo, baby lotion, brush, etc)
  • Then wrap your favorite ribbon around both diaper levels and decorate to your liking!  
  • Here: baby booties were used for eyes, a wash cloth for the mouth and cute corduroy pants for the antennas topped with black patent leather flower shoes! 

No baby shower is complete without a Cuddlecloth!! The guest of honor received her very own Kutsie Baby Cuddlecloth!  



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