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Turn your child's drawings into stuffed animals with Pillow Pals!

We are SO excited about this new product! It is the perfect present for any occasion and kids of all ages!  Bring your child's most favorite drawing to life with Pillow Pals!  Purchase your Pillow Pal Here then submit your drawing to info@kutsiebaby.com and in no time your child will receive a one of a kind pillow to cuddle, snuggle, and dream with!  Each pillow is quite large measuring at about 24"-28"!


Turn your child's drawing into a stuffed animal


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Have you heard of ella + mila nail polish?!

We are obsessed with ella + mila nail polish!  It is everything that Kutsie Baby is about, each set includes a gift for baby and mom! Ella + mila nail polish was invented by twin sisters who love to paint their nails with their mom.  The BEST part of ella + mila nail polish is that it is 100% vegan and "5-free" (NO Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor)!  Now you can paint those twinkle toes worry free with ella + mila nail polish!

Here are a few of our faves!


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Introducing...Kutsie Baby's Girly Girl Collection! Baby Bloomers, Legwarmers, Tutus, Newborn Crochet Gift Sets, Pettiskirts & More!

We are so excited to share our Girly Girl Collection with all of our Kutsie Customers! We can't wait to see all of our Kutsie Babies in their Girly Girl pieces! Our Girly Girl Collection is made up of baby bloomers, legwarmers, tutus, newborn crochet gift sets, pettiskirts & butterfly wings!  These items range in size from newborn to 6 years old! The Girly Girl Collection is perfect for newborn photo shoots, playtime, dress up, birthday parties & more! New items are added weekly so be sure to check back frequently! We are offering 15% OFF of your Girly Girl purchase for a limited time! Use Promo Code: GIRLYGIRL at checkout!

Check out some of out favorites below!

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Most Popular And Unique Baby Names of 2012-2013!

Here is a list of the most popular and our favorite baby names of 2012-2013!

Most Popular Baby Names in the U.S. in 2012:

                      BOY                                  GIRL

1. JACOB                          1. SOPHIA

2. MASON                       2. EMMA

3. ETHAN                       3. ISABELLA

4. NOAH                         4. OLIVIA

5. WILLIAM                    5. AVA

               6. LIAM                            6. EMILY

               7. JAYDEN                      7. ABIGAIL

               8. MICHAEL                   8. MIA

               9. ALEXANDER             9. MADISON

              10. AIDEN                       10. ELIZABETH


Now for Kutsie Baby's Favorite Baby Names of 2012-2013:

                     BOY                                  GIRL

1. GAVIN                          1. SADIE

2. JAXON                         2. AMELIA

3. BRYSON                     3. GABRIELLA

4. EZRA                           4. LILY

5. DOMINIC                   5. LIYAH

               6.  GRAYSON                 6. MILA

               7.  KELLEN                    7. ISLA

               8.  LUCAS                       8. REAGAN

               9.  CHASE                      9. CLARA

              10. LANDON                 10. STELLA

              11. JACE                          11. ELLIE

              12. REESE                      12. KENDALL

              13. CAMDEN                 13. GISELLE

              14. MICAH                     14. HADLEY

              15. SAWYER                   15. VERA

              16. PEYTON                  16. PENELOPE

              17. CADE                        17. ELLA

              18. COLTON                 18. PRESLEY

              19. OWEN                      19. CHARLOTTE

              20. DYLAN                     20. AVERY

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