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13 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $30.00

13 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $30.00


We all want to get an expecting mother a gift for her baby shower that she will 1. USE and 2. LOVE without spending a fortune! Here is a great list of items under $30.00 that any expecting mother will adore!
  Adorable Chevron Baby Burp Cloths Baby Mouse Hooded Robe Cute Sea Creature Diaper Covers
  • The Diaper Clutch, $24.00  A diaper and wipes carrying case for moms on the go!  Great for small outings and bypassing those obnoxiously large diaper bags! Lots of adorable styles to chose from! 
Diaper Clutch for Diapers and Wipes
  • Aqueduck Faucet Extender, 12.99 & Aqueduck Handle Extender $16.00, $28.99  The mother-to-be will receive lots of gifts for the first 6 months of her little one's life.  These two products will definitely come in handy before she knows it! 
Faucet and Handle Extender for Toddlers Built in Bib Onesie Modern Nursery Artwork Baby Monster Socks and Plush Toy Gift Three Piece Football Gift Set for Baby Adorable Flower Headband and Booties for Baby
  • Refresh-a-Baby, $6.99  This baby product is our most favorite invention!  The Refresh-a-Baby is a baby bottle nipple that attaches to water bottles.  We can't tell you how many amazing reviews and comments we have received from customers who have bought this product!  From babies who won't drink from a bottle or sippy cup and magically drink from a water bottle with the Refresh-a-Baby attachment to pure convenience of not having a bottle handy!  Buy two or three so that your mom-to-be can stash them in her bags and home! 
Baby Bottle Nipple Attachment for Water Bottles Giraffe Baby Lovey Chicken Leg Warmers Baby Gift Set
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    Six Simple Father's Day Gift Ideas

    Six Simple Father's Day Gift Ideas! 

      1.  Photography: Our favorite is taking a picture of your little one(s) with the letters "D" and "A," your local craft store should have various frames and wooden letters to chose from!  You can even create your own back drop with balloons or ribbon! 
      Creative Father's Day Gift Ideas


      2.  Gadgets: This is a must have for every father! The Swiss Army Knife (or something similar)! Rip through those boxes, plastic packages, and unscrew those battery boxes like a pro!
          Simple Father's Day Gift Ideas
          3.  Food!: What father doesn't appreciate some good home cookin'? 
          Cilantro Lime Skirt Steak & Chimichurri Sauce Recipe (from Married Claire)
          Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce Recipe
          Cilantro-lime Steak Marinade:
          Inspired by: Feasting at Home
          1 lb skirt steak
          1/3 cup soy sauce
          1/3 cup olive oil
          1 tsp sesame oil
          2 limes juiced
          3 garlic cloves
          handful of cilantro
          pinch of sugar
          dash of red pepper flakes
          1. combine all ingredients in a bowl
          2. put steak in ziploc bag, add marinade
          3. refrigerate for up to 4 hours, taking steak out of the fridge approximately 30 minutes before grilling to bring to room temp
          4. grill steak on medium high to desired doneness [ours was a bit chewy, it is very thin & doesn't need to be cooked long!]
          handful parsley
          handful cilantro
          1/2 cup olive oil
          1/2 onion
          2 limes juiced
          1 clove garlic
          1 tsp cumin
          1 tsp coriander
          1 tsp kosher salt
          1/2 jalapeno seeds removed
          1. place jalapeno, onion & garlic in food processor & blend until chopped
          2. add herbs
          3. add rest of ingredients & blend until combined
          4.  For the Father All About His Fitness!: Muscle Roller
          Muscle rollers massage and reinvigorate sore/tired muscles preparing them for exercise.  Trust me, he will thank you! Muscle rollers can be purchased at any sports goods store.
          Muscle Massager and Roller
          5. For The Bearded Father: Specialty Shaving Products
          We chose The Art of Shaving Lexington Gift Set in Unscented
          6.  Get Crafty!: Have your little ones design a grilling apron for dad!
          Courtesy of FamilyFun Magazine
          Total Time 1 hour
          Ages all-ages

          Add a few splashes of fabric paint to a plain canvas apron, and what do you get?

          A gorgeous kid creation that will artfully shield Dad's clothes from that messy grill.

          What you'll need

          • White canvas apron, in Dad's size, available at craft stores
          • Masking tape
          • Fabric paints of different colors
          • Paintbrushes

          How to make it

          Prewash the apron. Mark off sections of the apron with masking tape, so each child artist gets his or her own tableau.

          Kids can sketch out ideas on paper beforehand or go straight to canvas. Themes might include food on the grill, family self-ortraits, or Dad's favorite things. Remove the tape and set the paint according to the manufacturer's directions

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