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Best Baby Shower Gift of 2015: Nursing & Teething Necklaces!


Gorgeous Nursing Necklaces

Baby shower gifts are fun!

Cute, little, pretty, soft. All reasons to OOH and AHH over adorable baby stuff. It’s so fun to shop for a baby shower but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many gadgets and gizmos a new mom needs and wants.

How do you know what a new mom needs?

You of course can shop her registry, but even the most thorough registry is missing items that a new mom would love. So how do you know what to get? I have a suggestion for you.

A new mom needs support

And not just from a new bra (which btw, she does need). She needs support from friends and family to help her with the giant and oh-so-important task of breastfeeding her new baby.

Breastfeeding is tough

It can be painful, isolating and doesn’t always happen easily. And to make matters worse, no one likes to talk about it. So how do you help? You can give her a gift to relieve some of the discomforts of breastfeeding.

Get her a nursing necklace!

Let’s face it, nipple cream and breast pads are not too fun. Necessary, yes, but no one OOHS and AHHS over them at a baby shower. Get your friend a gift she will love to open. A nursing necklace is pretty, useful and is a way to show her you’ll be there if she needs some extra support during the tough breastfeeding times.

Oh Purple Panda Nursing Necklaces

What is a nursing necklace?

It’s a soft and safe fabric necklace that mom wears when she’s breastfeeding. It alleviates hair pulling, face scratching and de-latching caused by a distracted baby. Simply put, it helps make breastfeeding more comfortable and more successful.

And, guess what, Kutsie Baby is now offering a specialty line of nursing necklaces from Oh Purple Panda! Click here to shop all the gorgeous fabric options available. They really do make a fabulous baby shower gift, and if you don’t have one for yourself yet, make sure to order two!

Adorable Nursing NecklacesWatercolor Breastfeeding Necklace

Guest blog post by Grace Druecke, Founder of Oh Purple Panda, a company dedicated to making fabric nursing necklaces. Follow her blog here Fabric Nursing Necklaces for other helpful tips.
Grace Druecke - Oh Purple Panda Owner
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13 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $30.00

13 Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $30.00


We all want to get an expecting mother a gift for her baby shower that she will 1. USE and 2. LOVE without spending a fortune! Here is a great list of items under $30.00 that any expecting mother will adore!
  Adorable Chevron Baby Burp Cloths Baby Mouse Hooded Robe Cute Sea Creature Diaper Covers
  • The Diaper Clutch, $24.00  A diaper and wipes carrying case for moms on the go!  Great for small outings and bypassing those obnoxiously large diaper bags! Lots of adorable styles to chose from! 
Diaper Clutch for Diapers and Wipes
  • Aqueduck Faucet Extender, 12.99 & Aqueduck Handle Extender $16.00, $28.99  The mother-to-be will receive lots of gifts for the first 6 months of her little one's life.  These two products will definitely come in handy before she knows it! 
Faucet and Handle Extender for Toddlers Built in Bib Onesie Modern Nursery Artwork Baby Monster Socks and Plush Toy Gift Three Piece Football Gift Set for Baby Adorable Flower Headband and Booties for Baby
  • Refresh-a-Baby, $6.99  This baby product is our most favorite invention!  The Refresh-a-Baby is a baby bottle nipple that attaches to water bottles.  We can't tell you how many amazing reviews and comments we have received from customers who have bought this product!  From babies who won't drink from a bottle or sippy cup and magically drink from a water bottle with the Refresh-a-Baby attachment to pure convenience of not having a bottle handy!  Buy two or three so that your mom-to-be can stash them in her bags and home! 
Baby Bottle Nipple Attachment for Water Bottles Giraffe Baby Lovey Chicken Leg Warmers Baby Gift Set
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    Best Hooded Baby Towels & Hooded Baby Robes of 2014

    We have the most ADORABLE selection of hooded baby towels and robes!  From the thickest, safest, largest baby towel (Cuddlecloth) to lobster towels & flower robes to dinosaur robes, there is something for everyone! Most of these towels and robes can also be personalized making these items perfect baby shower gifts!  Everyone will be asking you where you found them! 

    A few of our favorites:

    Kutsie Baby Owner
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    Adorable & Trendy Baby Crib Shoes! Perfect Baby Shower Gift for Baby Girls!

    If you haven't already, you MUST check out our Girly Girls Collection!  There you will find all of the trendiest newborn to toddler girl gifts! We are especially excited about our Crib Shoes! They come in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months!  These crib shoes come in the latest fashion styles & colors: Chevron , Giraffe, Polka Dot, Light Pink & Grey, & Black & White Dots!  We are constantly adding new styles and colors, so make sure you come back often!  These adorable booties go fast! (especially at our amazing prices!)

    A few of our favorites:

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    Looking for a unique, helpful, one of a kind baby shower gift?

    Kutsie Baby offers new and unique baby shower gifts!  Check out our custom children's artwork, adorable baby gift sets including: booties, bloomers, socks & blankets, new must have baby products including Babee Covee (6 in 1 luxurious baby blanket), Refresh-a-Baby (water bottle adapter) , Cuddlecloth (thickets, safest, largest baby towel), The Diaper Clutch (perfect for moms on the go) , & Bobee (wall mounted diaper and wipes dispenser)

    Here at Kutsie Baby we are continually on the look out for the most innovative and exciting new baby and mom products on the market so that we can improve the every day hustle and bustle life of being a caretaker!  Our baby shower gifts are sure to be the talk of the party!  We are proud of the fact that most of our items are mom invented and truly helpful parenting products!

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    Introducing...Kutsie Baby's Girly Girl Collection! Baby Bloomers, Legwarmers, Tutus, Newborn Crochet Gift Sets, Pettiskirts & More!

    We are so excited to share our Girly Girl Collection with all of our Kutsie Customers! We can't wait to see all of our Kutsie Babies in their Girly Girl pieces! Our Girly Girl Collection is made up of baby bloomers, legwarmers, tutus, newborn crochet gift sets, pettiskirts & butterfly wings!  These items range in size from newborn to 6 years old! The Girly Girl Collection is perfect for newborn photo shoots, playtime, dress up, birthday parties & more! New items are added weekly so be sure to check back frequently! We are offering 15% OFF of your Girly Girl purchase for a limited time! Use Promo Code: GIRLYGIRL at checkout!

    Check out some of out favorites below!

    Kutsie Baby Owner
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    Congrats to Our FIRST Kutsie Baby Contest Winner, Kelly N.!

    She won this White Starfish Bracelet just for LIKING & SHARING a post on Facebook! It's that EASY!:)


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    Lady Bug & Flower Baby Shower Ideas!

    A Lady Bug & Flower themed baby shower is perfect for the spring and summer months!  Here are some cute ideas:) 

    These Favors were just darling! Gorgeous Flower Lip Gloss in a cute favor bag! 

    The DCI lip gloss was purchased at CVS it can also be purchased on Amazon.com for as low as $2.70 (when I looked!)

    Colorful Pals and Fake Flowers with Butterfly Embellishments made great table centerpieces and decor.

    The Pals were purchased at the dollar store, flowers, butterflies, & moss at a local craft store!

    The Red Watering Cans were purchased at the dollar store and black dots were drawn on for a touch of lady bug cuteness!

    The Baby Carriage Watermelon is super simple! Buy a watermelon and your favorite fruits and cut away! (Use a sharpie then follow the line with a knife)  A melon is best for the head and orange slices for the wheels!:)

    Adorable bright colored Food Covers (3pk) can be purchased on partyamerica.com for 5.99! I believe the floral food covers were purchased at CVS

    The "Lady Bug" Crackers were made with one cherry tomato cut in half (vertical) for the body, one black olive for the head on top of mozzarella cheese on top of a plain cracker and the colorful flower plate was embellished with basil leaves!

    These Lady Bug Cake Pops were a hit! Covered in red frosting and decorated with black and white frosting! Easy peasy!

    The Lady Bug Stuffed Animal was purchased at Costco for $10.99!

    Lady Bug Rocks! Great project for the entire family!:) Paint your rocks red and sharpie in the head and body.  Crazy glue some silly eyes and stick a magnet on the back!  This is great for decorations, table weight, and a favor!

    Lady Bug Diaper Cake - What's a baby shower without a silly diaper cake!  (Here are some brief instructions!)

    • Roll diapers (size one for bottom and newborn for top)
    • Put a small rubber band around each diaper, then a big rubber band around all of the diapers for each level to keep them together
    • Place something in the middle to keep them in place, for example: baby powder, baby shampoo, baby lotion, brush, etc)
    • Then wrap your favorite ribbon around both diaper levels and decorate to your liking!  
    • Here: baby booties were used for eyes, a wash cloth for the mouth and cute corduroy pants for the antennas topped with black patent leather flower shoes! 

    No baby shower is complete without a Cuddlecloth!! The guest of honor received her very own Kutsie Baby Cuddlecloth!  



    Kutsie Baby Owner
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    Baby Registry Must Haves

    Here is a list I compiled for must-have registry items.  I know that the lists you will receive from the store you register at will be extremely long (and overwhelming!), so I wanted to make things easier for you! 

    Also, after your baby shower, use your registry as a check off list!

    •Diapers, DIAPERS, Diapers!! First and foremost please ask for diapers!  You can put it on the baby shower invitation “in lieu of a card please bring a pack of diapers” or “please bring a pack of diapers to enter the raffle” You can grab a $10 gift card from your favorite store and raffle it off!

    *please note that you can exchange diaper sizes at various stores, so don’t get overwhelmed if you get 10 packs of newborn size diapers!

    •Books — You can also ask for books in lieu of a card!


    •Crib Mattress

    •2 Crib Sheets (this will allow for easy nights when the bed is wet/soiled!)

    •1 Mattress Pad/Cover



    •Bassinet or Pack n Play (I used a Pack n Play as my bassinet, so it served more than one purpose)

    •1 Pack n Play Sheet

    •Dresser (double as changing table)

    •Changing Pad

    •2 Changing Pad Covers (this is a must!)

    •Diaper Caddy (put on top of dresser for changing necessities: Diapers, Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Powder, Wipes, Brush etc)


    •1 Blanket (trust me you will receive more than one!)

    •Infant Car Seat

    •2 Car Seat Bases (these make life so much easier!)

    •Convertible Car Seat (KutsieBabies will grow out of their infant car seats before you know it! )

    •Travel System Stroller

    •“Snap n Go” Stroller (space and back saver!)

    *If you plan on breastfeeding I suggest the following!

    •Lasinoh Soothies Gel Pads (these are the best!) but other brands should suffice!  These are a must!

    •Johnson & Johnson Breast Pads (loved this brand! -- they stay put and last a long time!)

    •Medela Electric Pump of your choice (I prefer the Medela Pump In Style, if you are only going to be pumping occasionally I suggest you go with a manual pump to save money)

    •Breast Milk Storage (I use the tubes for milk that will be used within 5 days and the bags for milk that I am going to freeze)

    •1 Nursing Cover

    •Nursing Pillow (this is optional, some people love their Boppy, but I didn’t really use mine.  All you really need is a pillow –if that!)

    •1 Pack of Bottles (I suggest registering for one pack in case the KutsieBaby does not like the brand! I chose Tommee Tippee)

    •Bottle Drying Rack

    •Bottle Brush

    •Bottle Warmer (so convenient and totally worth the money! — remember you can NOT microwave breast milk!)

    •A cooler for your Bottles/Breast Milk (most of the Medela Pumps will come with a cooler and ice pack, make sure you check)

    •Nipples (I suggest registering for 1 pack of each different flow of nipple, NOTE: if nursing you may not use these at all)

    •3 Packs of Pacifiers (I suggest picking two different brands — my KutsieBaby hated Tommee Tippee but LOVED MAM — register for sizes newborn, 0-6 months and 6 months & up)

    •1 Pack of Bibs (another item that people will buy you even if you don’t register for it!)

    •2 Burp Cloths (little burp cloths are useful in the beginning)

    •6 Receiving Blankets (okay, you will most likely get even more, and don’t freak out, they WILL be used! I loved using my receiving blankets as burp cloths.  They are much bigger so they work great! I also used them to swaddle my KutsieBaby for the first few weeks home from the hospital and as a lightweight blanket for our many outings!  They will get dirty quick so the more the merrier!)

    •High Chair (I recommend a Space Saver High Chair, remember those KutsieBabies grow fast!)

    •1 Set of Bowls

    •1 Pack of Spoons

    •2 Tubes of Diaper Rash Cream (I suggest two different brands)

    •Diaper Bag (any will do as long as it has lots of compartments!)

    •Bath Tub

    •Grooming Kit

    •2 Packs of Wash Cloths

    •4 Towels (guests will buy more!) **I highly recommend a CuddleCloth Towel (they are much bigger than baby towels you buy in the stores and are designed so your KutsieBaby doesn’t slip out of your hands!)

    •1 Bottle of the Following: Baby Shampoo, Baby Body Wash, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder (guests will buy more!)


    •Humidifier (newborns get very stuffy!)


    •Aspirator: NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator is amazing!! It works so much better than the usual bulb aspirators.  This is a MUST MUST HAVE!

    • Gas relief drops (this was another life saver!)

    •Play Gym


    •Bouncer or Swing (if you go with bouncer make sure it bounces on its own! I got both and don’t really use the swing)

    •2 Car Seat Toys (guests will buy more — plus they like picking out their favorite!)

    •3 Different Types of Teethers (I LOVE Sophie!)

    •1 Rattle (guests will buy more!)

    *Here is a list of some small helpful items, but not necessarily a must!

    •Diaper Bag Dispenser

    •Pacifier Holder (so convenient, it hooks onto the diaper bag!)

    •Pacifier Wipes (1 pack should last you a while)

    You may notice, I did not add clothing to the list, guests LOVE buying clothing and they LOVE buying clothing that THEY think is KUTE!  I also avoided all of those swaddle items!  My KutsieBaby did not like to be swaddled and if I did swaddle (which I did in the very beginning) I used a receiving blanket!


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