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What To Do For Aches & Pains During The Third Trimester!

One of the most common pains during the third trimester is HEADACHES (these are also common during the First Trimester)


  • Place a Cold or Heat pack on your head
  • Lots of rest!
  • Exercise (even if it is only a short walk, I know the last trimester can be extremely exhausting but try and do some type of low impact activity!)
  • Drink lots of water!

Achy Back/Legs/Feet/Etc.


  • Tylenol is generally safe to use during pregnancy, but always consult with your physician or midwife!
  • Massage, Massage, Massage! Ask your partner to give you a gentle rub! J
  • Bath Soak (not TOO hot, make sure you do not over heat, always take a glass of water with you and don’t forget some relaxing music & to sing to your little one!)
  • Heating Pad (this was a must for my last two weeks!)
  • Keep good posture



  • Eat small meals and drink lots of water!
  • Tums is generally safe during pregnancy but always consult your physician or midwife. (I always carried a bottle with me!)
  • Avoid juices, fried foods, spicy foods, carbonated drinks (or any food that you eat and suddenly get heartburn from!)

Sleep Deprivation

I have to say the only thing that allowed me to get some sleep while pregnant was my SNOOGLE! (I’m sure other pregnancy body pillows will work too, but my SNOOGLE was a life saver and I recommend it to all of my expecting friends!)

*Don’t forget to count your kicks! Remember you want to feel 10 movements within 2 hours.

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