Bright, Modern, Nursery Room Canvas Art Print Sets Have Arrived!

Looking for bold, bright, and modern baby room wall art?  We have lots of canvas print sets to choose from! Modern Littles creates the most adorable modern wall art for baby and kids rooms!  Modern Littles understands the needs of today’s mother on the run.  There is no need to shop from one store to the next, desperately trying to match this and that, while not fully satisfied on the design in the first place.  Modern Littles has become a one stop shop for the modern mother and modern family. 

Modern Littles was born to create a wonderful world for your newborn child.  We want to welcome your baby into their own nursery with the latest in modern design.  Modern Littles is a really fun, modern line of mix & match canvas prints, storage bins, and laundry baskets.

Modern Littles has designed six stunning collections that range from sweet baby boy blues to soft pastels.  From the moment your newborn opens their eyes till they become a daring yet fun teenager, were sure you'll find the collection that will suit you and your child.

Here are a few of our favorite Modern Littles designs!


Kutsie Baby Owner

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