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Refresh a Baby - Baby Bottle Nipple Adapter for Water Bottles!

We are so impressed with the Refresh a Baby: baby bottle nipple adapter for water bottles!  This is a must have product for any mom "on-the-go" (and let's face it, this means EVERY mom).  Personally, I have been out and about and realized I forgot to pack a bottle/sippy cup.  The Refresh a Baby baby bottle adapter was a life saver!   I have two in my diaper bag.  One in plain sight and one hidden away for extreme emergencies (this goes for pacifiers too! haha). 

The Refresh a Baby baby bottle nipple adapter fits the following water bottles:

Aquafina, Evian (regular & sports cap), Publix (small and large bottles), Spring, Volvic, Fiji, Dannon, Dasani, Zephyrhills (all) , Poland Springs, Crystal, Nestle, Poland Springs, Sam’s Choice, Aqua Panna, Smart Water, Break Escapes, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Ice mountain, Ozarka, Mountclair, Vittel, Smart Water, Contrax, Biota, Volvic, Naya, SPA, Kentwood Springs, Crystal Geyser, Crystal, Springtime, many juice bottles, Enfamil “Ready to Use” Baby and Infant Formula Bottles, Similac “Ready To Feed” Infant Formula Bottles, and many more!

This new and innovative baby product of 2014 makes for a great baby shower gift!  You'll be sure to impress your favorite expecting mother with this gift!  Refresh a Baby comes in lots of colors too! Choose from: Purple, Yellow, Blue & Lime.



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