Top 10 Nursery Room Colors of 2013 & 2014!

Stumped when it comes to nursery room colors?  Kutsie Baby will help keep you up to date with all of the latest baby trends! You don't have to go with the usual baby blue, light yellow, or light pink! Don't be afraid of color, your baby's nursery is THE room you can be creative and have fun with!  Bring pops of color, texture, & life to your nursery with chandeliers, vintage nursery books, bedding, musical mobiles, fluffy pillows, stripes, wall decals, mirrored wall decor, over-sized wall monograms, contrasting curtains, vibrant rugs etc.

Top 10

Nursery Room Colors of 2013 & 2014

languid lavender
opal gray
bleached sand
majolica blue
lavender herb
calypso coral
methyl blue
Kutsie Baby Owner


Kutsie Baby Owner

‘Lotus’ & ‘Bleached Sand’ are beautiful soothing colors, they are also Feng Shui for a bedroom as they are in the skin color range :)

Kutsie Baby Owner

I used a simliar color to opal gray and I get so many compliments. I didn’t even know it was an IN color!

Kutsie Baby Owner

I love the lotus color!

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